ALPR Systems and How They Grew

Crime-fighting goes high-tech with the introduction and increasing use of affordable, relatively compact, and user-friendly OCR and ALPR technology. Today, speeders are the most likely target. Tomorrow and the day after it will be known criminals and/or s

A Long Tradition of Voluntary National Service

The recent spate of articles and commentaries about the “Minuteman” group that, without invitation, helped the U.S. Border Patrol apprehend over 300 illegal migrants is a timely reminder that other citizen groups have provided significant homeland-defense

The Detection and Prevention of Suicide Bombings

The suicide bomber – low-cost, easy to train, and totally expendable – has become Al Qaeda’s weapon of choice in its Global War on Capitalism. He (or sometimes she) is impossible to stop, and usually not easy to detect. There are, though, some telltale signs.

"The Week That Was" in Washington, D.C.

Orders to “Run for your life!” were followed in short order by the announcement of new port-security grants and the Pentagon’s latest list of base closings, consolidations, and realignments. All three became major national stories, and all are related – i Welcomes Neil C. Livingstone

SEVERNA PARK, MD–(MARKET WIRE)–May 9, 2005 — announces that it has added Neil C. Livingstone, one of the world’s preeminent experts on terrorism and Homeland Security, to its roster
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