The Times Square Bombing Plot: What It Means For America

Experts in aviation safety have long recognized that what is described as a “near miss” is actually a “near hit.” The Times Square bombing attempt deserves the same unflinching judgment: Disaster was avoided not because of the superior competence of DHS and TSA, but because of the greater incompetence of a bungling amateur.

COOP Planning Becomes Major Concern for Healthcare Facilities

The best-laid plans of mice and men – not to mention emergency managers and healthcare officials – can oft go awry. That is particularly true, almost guaranteed in fact, when the plans are only on paper, the emergency assets needed have not been secured, and the numerous other actions needed to maintain continuity of operations have never been tested.

FINAL REPORT: Mass-Casualty Preparedness & Response

The DP40 and DomPrep readers assess their opinions on whether or not the United States hospitals are prepared to deal with the aftermath of a mass-casualty incident.
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