Litigation Trends Regarding Security

One of the most effective weapons against terrorists, surprisingly, is Money! Not the reasonable sums used to pay for new surveillance systems but damages charged against businesses that fail to provide proper security for customers, tenants, & employees.

Coming: An Upgrading of Security Standards for Rail Transit

For many Americans the most important date to remember next month will not be Inauguration Day, but 27 January, when the American National Standards Institute’s Transit Security Workshop starts a much-needed review of U.S. rail-security deficiencies.

Safety: Those Who Stay Behind

The evacuation of a major city devastated by a natural disaster or an act of terrorism takes multi-agency cooperation, numerous training drills, & dedicated professionals who have the courage needed to stay in place while saving the lives of others.

Preparing for the Unknown

U.S. emergency responders face an ever-growing list of responsibilities related to the emergency preparedness capabilities within their own communities. Those responsibilities influence not only current response tactics but also the

Hospital Security: An Age-Old Problem Becomes Increasingly Important

The nation’s healthcare workers could become an endangered species if numerous planned improvements in hospital security are not funded and implemented in the near future. Here is a quick look at some of the innovative design upgrades recently introduced.
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