Common Standards for CBRN PPE - An International Code

Today’s well dressed emergency responder may not be featured in many fashion magazines and/or on TV commercials, but the personal protective equipment he or she is wearing is not only functional but also, usually, a very tight fit. An accessory bonus: It might also save his or her life.

Advance Planning: The Key to Preparedness for Special Events

Goal: Ensure that all goes well before, during, and after a major public event. How to do so: Prepare an all-contingency plan, well in advance and involving all stakeholders involved, provide enough flexibility to cope with unexpected/unforeseeable “what if” contingencies, then practice, practice, practice.

Next Month: A Summit of Transcendent Importance

The fifth annual Public Health Preparedness Summit (16-19 February in Atlanta) will focus on the new and emerging problems facing the nation’s, and world’s, public health preparedness professionals in the dangerous New World of the 21st century. A first-person report from the chairman of the Summit Planning Committee.

Citizen Involvement: Capitalizing on Terrorist Failures

The Christmas Day plans of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab were unrudely interrupted when the other passengers on Northwest Flight 253 foiled his murderous attempt to kill them all. The collective heroism they demonstrated was not just another instance of heroism by everyday citizens but also a shining example for others facing similar act-or-die choices in the future.
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