Responders Can Teach CDP Training Through the Indirect Training Program

Emergency responders who attend Center for Domestic Preparedness training can easily become qualified to share that training with their colleagues back home through the CDP’s Indirect Training Program.

Several CDP courses offer a “train-the-trainer” option. By taking an additional day of training at the CDP’s Anniston, Ala., campus during which the students learn to deliver the training, they can become an Authorized Trainer for that course. It’s the most flexible approach to delivering awareness-level training, according to CDP Registrar, Michael Aguilar.

Authorized Trainers have the ability to increase the preparedness of their agencies and help build the skills of new responders who join the agency, Aguilar said.

“The CDP trains thousands of emergency responders each year through resident training on the CDP campus,” Aguilar said. “Authorized Trainers who then go back and deliver national preparedness training to their response communities is a significant training multiplier.

“Authorized Trainers can deliver vital national preparedness, all-hazards training to emergency responders in their local communities at their convenience,” Aguilar explained. “The program is arguably the most powerful and cost-efficient vehicle available to deliver national preparedness training to the largest number of people in the emergency response community.”

Authorized Trainers receive professional training, updated curriculum and the full support of the CDP staff, all fully funded by the Department of Homeland Security. In addition, the CDP recognizes trainers who achieve a level of excellence, measured by the number of es taught or students trained each year.

“These trainers are members of the emergency response community who have the skill and dedication to carry out this important training mission,” Aguilar said. “The CDP staff is here to support their efforts every step of the way.”  

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