Article Out Loud - Preparing for the U.S. Tsunami Threat

By CHRISTA RABENOLD, An Article Out Loud from the Domestic Preparedness Journal Flashback, March 5, 2014.

As described in this 2014 article, advancements in earthquake and tsunami science, coupled with awareness campaigns and exercise plans, continue to help agencies mitigate these high-risk threats.

Narrated by Bonnie Weidler.

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Christa Rabenold

Christa Rabenold is the mitigation specialist for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)/National Weather Service Tsunami Program (under contract to Syneren Technologies). Previously, she worked as a coastal management and hazards specialist with NOAA’s Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management. Before working with NOAA, she was involved in state and local hazard mitigation planning for AMEC Earth and Environmental and served as the editor at the Natural Hazards Center, University of Colorado at Boulder. She is a certified floodplain manager and has a master’s degree in public administration with an emphasis on hazards and emergency management.



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