Article Out Loud - Creating a New Standard for Evaluating Tabletop Exercises

By JOHN DUDA & SCOTT J. GLICK, An Article Out Loud from the Domestic Preparedness Journal, July 05, 2023.

Tabletop exercises are vital in preparing organizations to respond to critical incidents. However, an industry standard has not emerged on how to evaluate their effectiveness. A new standard that implements quantitative and qualitative assessment tools is needed. 

Narrated by MacGregor Stephenson.

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John Duda

John R.Dudais thechief executive officerofSummit Exercises and Training LLC(SummitET®), a veteran-owned small business thatspecializes inprovidingproven full spectrum preparedness solutions to systematically address all threats and hazards through a wide-range of services.Mr. Duda has led and supported multiple domestic and international exercise and training programsfornumerousgovernment and non-government organizations.Mr. Duda has also co-authored a research study involving defense-based sensor technology and has been certified as asenior professionalin Human Resources and as a Business Continuity Professional. Prior to formingSummitET, Mr. Duda served many organizations including the U.S. Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration, Publix Super Markets, and the Jacksonville Port Authority. Mr. Duda is also a member of the Advisory Board for the University of North Florida’s School for International Business and the cybersecurity and compliance company,RISCPoint. 

Scott J. Glick

Scott J. Glick is vice president and general counsel for Summit Exercises and Training LLC (SummitET®), a veteran-owned small business that specializes in providing proven preparedness solutions to systematically address all threats, hazards, and incidents through a wide range of services, including planning, training, and exercises, as well as operational and policy support, for its government and private sector clients. He has nearly four decades of experience in law enforcement, counterterrorism, critical incident response, exercises, and emergency preparedness. He previously served as the director of preparedness and response and senior counsel in the National Security Division at the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), where he led DOJ’s national preparedness policy and planning efforts, including in regard to countering weapons of mass destruction (WMD), and where he provided substantial guidance to the FBI in the development of the WMDSG. He also investigated and prosecuted international terrorism cases as a federal prosecutor, and organized crime cases with as a state prosecutor in New York. This article contains no classified or confidential government or business information, and the views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of any government department or agency, or any private sector company.



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